Woman’s Song ‘One Less Dog In The Cold’ Aims To Help Unchain Dogs

Bluegrass singer and song writer Donna Hughes wants her music to have an impact on more than just people. When the singer from North Carolina saw dogs chained outside in the freezing cold and sweltering sun, she wanted to raise awareness about the inhumane practice and wrote the song “One Less Dog In The Cold“.

The song’s haunting lyrics begin with:

I saw him every day, when I was driving by
Sometimes in the pouring rain, sometimes in the sunshine
I always wished he was mine, I shoulda took him home
One day I rode by, and he was gone

I couldn’t save him but I wish I had,
and now he’s free from all the bad.
Tonight in the falling snow,
there’ll be one less dog in the cold.

Despite the sadness she feels, Hughes is not without hope, as you will see in her music video below! Share her touching song with the animal lovers you know!

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