How To Make A Super Cute Doily Lantern With A Balloon

If you are looking for a super cute light accent to decorate your room, take a look at this crafty do-it-yourself for how to make doily lanterns using a balloon!

Sarah from “NailedIt” demonstrates how to make them, with a few simple and inexpensive supplies.

For this project you’ll need a balloon, petroleum jelly (Vaseline), Elmer’s Glue, and doilies in a pattern you like.

You’ll also need a mixing bowl, paint brush, mixing spoon and a measuring spoon and water and flour. For the final steps you’ll need a straight pin, scissors and a light kit (Sarah recommends a low-heat one, with a 60 watt or less bulb or a LED light).

The first step is to blow up the balloon and cover it with petroleum jelly. Then you mix the glue, flour and water. This is the mix you will coat the doilies with. Once the lantern is done, let it dry. Once you’ve popped the balloon, you’re ready to insert the low-wattage light.

Check out the tutorial below for the full details on making this crafty project a success! And be sure to share this fun project with your friends.

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