Dog Sniffs Out Family Member In Surprise Reunion

Loki thought he was shopping at PetSmart with his human, but instead he got a sweet surprise. A family member he hadn’t seen in three months was waiting for him in the toy aisle to see if he would notice her and “sniff, sniff” he did! Just look at that tail go!

Loki’s “auntie” revealed what happened:

“Loki is my brother’s dog, a 3-year-old Presa Canario-Boxer mix. My brother and Loki went on a cross-country trip to Vancouver [ed note: from Ontario in Canada, over 2038 miles away]. They had been gone a little over 3 months when my brother headed down to Mexico. Since he couldn’t take Loki, he flew him back to Ontario so we (my sister and I) could take care of him.”

“My sister and I planned to meet at PetSmart to grab supplies – food, treats, toys, coat etc. I got to PetSmart before them, so I called my sister and told her to find me in the aisle and to just walk past me with Loki – I wanted to see if he could pick up on my scent after not seeing me for 3 months. I set up my phone to record the reunion. He sniffed me out no problem.”

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