Loyal Dog Comforts And Protects His Human With Asperger’s When She Tries To Hurt Herself

Danielle Jacobs has Aspergers (or Autism Spectrum Disorder) and periodically has meltdowns when she experiences too much stimulation. That’s where her dog, Samson, comes to her aid by alerting her and trying to calm her down.

In this video, Sampson is protecting her from hurting herself and reassuring her that everything will be all right.

“I trained him to alert to depressive episodes and self harm not both but he alerted,” Jacobs writes about Sampson. “It appears the response is late but it’s actually supposed to be as I’m coming out of the meltdown as I tend to have a panic attack after.”

Dogs are so awesome. Please share this video with your friends and help raise awareness of the good work that service dogs do every day for their humans!

News update:

It is with a sad heart, I share the news that Jacobs was shot and killed by police in Arizona on January 5, 2016. Police officers responded to Jacobs’ residence for a suicide call and according to media reports Jacobs told police she had a knife and was going to hurt herself. Jacobs’ later died in hospital from the gunshot wounds.

It appears the officers knew Jacobs had mental health issues when they came to her home.

The news has shocked many people, who were touched and educated from watching Jacobs’ video of her interactions with Sampson. Others are questioning why armed officers respond to mental health calls and that the situation was handled as it was.

I’d also like to note that although Jacob’s YouTube channel is listed under “Danielle Jacobs”, and previous media interviews identified Jacobs as female, it appears that Danielle was transgendering and recently self-identified as Kayden Clarke.

As for Sampson, Heather Allen with HALO Rescue, who knew Jacobs and provided Sampson to Jacobs said that she hopes to find a new home for Sampson and has reached out to Jacobs’ family. “We hope to find a home for Sampson where his extensive training can benefit someone else . … and are hoping to ensure Sampson is cared for,” Allen said in a Facebook message.

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