Dog Is Beyond Excited To Use His Doggie Treadmill

When it comes to exercising or working, most dogs get excited. But Remy the American Pit Bull Terrier? Well, he gets really, really excited. In a cute clip shared by TikTokker @highdesertsportingdogs, Remy is eagerly waiting to get to use his DogTrotter canine treadmill. He jumps up on top with his tail wagging and waits for his mom to fasten him in to his safety harness. But she just can’t go quick enough…

Remy barks loudly with a high pitched squeal rather than a bark and then he’s off to the races!

People couldn’t help but notice how fast and furious Remy is once he’s running. One person commented, “He is like ‘Let’s go, I feel the need for speed’. lol”

Others spoke of how what Remy was doing wasn’t much different than dogs who were bred specifically for running inside of wheels and turning spits or mills. (These were Turnspit dogs, which were short-legged and long-bodied but now extinct.)


Other viewers wanted to know how long Remy runs for (around 2 minutes at a time) and how he stops in the device. @highdesertsportingdogs shared a few videos of this (see below) and says that “at the end of the two minute sprint, he is rewarded with his tug and he stops!”

@highdesertsportingdogs Reply to @khaylechy this isn’t that particular video, but answers a few recent questions on the original video 😊#TDVinny #APBT #sportingdog #dogsoftiktok #topdog #flyingdog #runyourdognotyourmouth #slatmill #foryou #fyp @spittenred @apbtdogsport @corkscrewkennels @bully_gurl ♬ original sound – Steph’s Dogs

Here’s another video of Remy with his tug.

@highdesertsportingdogs Replying to @rebeccaprovost ♬ original sound – Steph’s Dogs

Here’s the original viral video of Remy on his treadmill.

@highdesertsportingdogs #TDVinny #APBT #sportingdog #dogsoftiktok #runyourdogsnotyourmouth #foryou #fyp @spittenred @bully_gurl @apbtdogsport @corkscrewkennels ♬ original sound – Steph’s Dogs

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