Dog Basks In Attention After Hilariously Stealing The Show At Grad Ceremony

A dog named Charlie decided he didn’t want to be left out of Horseshoe Bend High School’s graduation ceremony and ended up giving the one Valdectorian “speech” that won’t soon be forgotten.

The uninvited canine guest walked through the gate and onto the field during the Alabama high school’s Valedectorian speeches to join in the celebration. He made his way over to a fern bush on display. That’s when the students and audience watching, anticipating what was coming, burst out laughing. Yes, Charlie would raise his leg to mark his territory and make his lasting impression.

It turns out Charlie belongs to one of the graduating students, Logan Branch, who lives nearby. Branch told the Dodo that everyone knows Charlie is his dog, but no one was expecting his arrival during the ceremony. They definitely weren’t expecting the dog to leave his mark on the fern.

“As soon as we saw him walk to the plant, we all knew what was about to happen so we couldn’t help but all laugh,” Branch said of his dog’s antics.

Having received such a rousing reception, Charlie appears to lap up all the attention. He wags his tail as the crowd laughs and claps, happy to be the center of attention.

“He definitely got the best crowd reaction of the night,” Branch said, adding, “Charlie definitely loved it.”

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