Dog Hilariously Flunks Out Of Service Dog Training School

Some dogs just aren’t cut out for a life of service, but that’s okay. Take Ryker for instance. The dog was training at Double H Canine Training Academy to be a service dog but he flunked out spectacularly.

The dog training school shared video of Ryker’s “epic service dog failure” in a hilarious compilation of clips that highlight why Ryker didn’t “make the cut” despite his “giving it his all” with a “good-hearted attempt.”

It seems that Ryker just couldn’t get over his ball obsession. Just look at his reaction to the tennis balls on the walker! And then there is his reaction to the thrown ball and ball at the end of the string…well, you get the idea. He also is super exuberant when it comes to tugging. Maybe too exuberant? (See refrigerator!)

Despite his training going sideways, we still think Ryker’s a good doggo. His trainer Zach Janes thinks so too. That’s why Ryker became Janes’ family dog and is “living a very happy life”

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