Miracle Dog Freed After 90 Hours Buried Underneath Rubble From Earthquake In Turkey

A glimmer of hope buoyed search and rescue members in Turkey after they found a dog alive in the rubble of a building demolished by the disastrous earthquake that has claimed tens of thousands of lives. A family dog named Little Pamuk was found on Friday in Hatay after being buried for more than 90 hours underneath the ruins.

Video taken of the Poodle terrier mix being freed by rescuers shows the small dog scared but eager to get out. Only her head is clear from the rubble, the rest of her body is pinned under concrete, dirt and twisted metal. But helping hands surround her, giving her water, and working hard to dig her free. Rescuers comfort her as she scrambles to pull herself out.

Miraculously, Little Pamuk, whose name means cotton wool, suffered only superficial injuries.

The dog’s rescue reveals the intense hardships rescuers are facing in clearing the rubble while they search for survivors. Many in the affected towns and cities still hold out hope for similar miracles. On Thursday, two young women were also found alive in a collapsed building, giving rescuers renewed purpose. But as time progresses, the chances of finding people alive diminishes. Survivors are also facing increased hardships, as they are without homes or supplies and at the mercy of winter.

To help support relief efforts visit the International Red Cross and other aid organizations.

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