How To Build Your Own Concrete Gel Fire Pits

I love having fire accents, especially ones for the patio or backyard. That’s why I love this DIY project from Jeff Patterson. Jeff shows how to make these very cool fire pits.

You’ll need:

– Plastic bowl containers
– Quick-setting cement
– Sander power tool
– Trowel for mixing cement
– Pam non-stick spray
– Grout sponge
– Sandpaper
– Old newspaper
– Respirator and rubber gloves (for when mixing concrete)
– Solid gel fuel cans
– Lava granules

The concrete bowls can be used for other things too, like for planting herbs and flowers or warding off mosquitos (by substituting citronella oil instead of gel). You could also add coloring or paint the cement afterwards as an added touch!

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