Shelter Shares Why Deserving Dog Overlooked For Nearly A Year No Longer There

Week after week Pennsylvania SPCA shared posts about Pepe, one of their longest term residents at their shelter. The Pit Bull arrived at their shelter abused and neglected. They cared for him and got him back to full health. But because he was a Pit Bull he was overlooked for adoption.

Three hundred days passed and Pepe was fast approaching the one year mark. To add to the challenge, Pepe was diminishing at the shelter. He just could not adapt to shelter life and would become stressed and agitated every time he had to go back inside after a walk or outing.

This past Monday (October 18) they didn’t share a post about the dog. Why?

They shared Pepe’s story first, before answering the question, which thankfully, turns out to be really good news.

Pennsylvania SPCA wrote the following thread on social media:

“One of our longest term residents, Pepe hated life in the shelter. He had arrived in an emaciated condition, a suspected victim of cruelty & neglect nearly one year ago. Our team nursed him back to health, which would turn out to be the easiest part of his journey.”

“Pepe was a smart boy, and living in a kennel was hard for him. He was stressed, constantly panting, jumping, and protesting when it was time to go back in after walks with friends.”

“But, outside of the shelter Pepe flourished. He loved long walks, hopping in the car joyfully.”

Pennsylvania SPCA

“We knew that we were walking a tightrope with him. We had to find a home before he deteriorated to the point of no return in shelter. We featured him heavily on our social media, he met important people, but, still, Pepe waited.”

“We did not give up on Pepe.”

“Last Monday Pepe wasn’t here for the very best reason. He wasn’t here because after three meets, his family made it official – PEPE IS ADOPTED!”

“Instead of laying on the concrete floor in the shelter, he now busily naps next to his parents. He isn’t panting, or jumping – he is content.”

He certainly looks happy and relaxed! The shelter wanted to share Pepe’s story because they say his is “not an uncommon one.”

“There are so many deserving dogs in shelters who get overlooked for various reasons,” they add. “Or maybe for no reason at all.”

“Dogs like Pepe are our reasons – they are our whys. And we know they are yours too. Today, we celebrate finding #furever for Pepe. And tomorrow, we’ll turn the page to help more dogs just like him.”

For more information on the dogs Pennsylvania SPCA has available for foster and/or adoption, visit their website.

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