Delivery Man Caught Playing Hopscotch On Driveway Unaware Homeowner Watching Him

A homeowner in Schertz, Texas was amused by a FedEx driver who hopscotched on her driveway before dropping her package off. The deliveryman noticed a chalk hopscotch on her driveway. The temptation to have a bit of fun was too great to pass up and he takes a detour en route to the door to hop, hop, hop along. But he wasn’t finished yet.

“He couldn’t help himself and did it complete with a celebratory arms in the air motion,” the homeowner noted to Viralhog. When he gets to the door he realizes the homeowner has been watching him all along, and sheepishly asks if she saw what he did.

Laughing, the homeowner replied, “I did, yes.”

He chuckles at himself as he walks back to his truck, wishing the homeowner a good day. The happy moment so impressed the homeowner, that they decided to share the surveillance video of the moment, where it’s quickly gone viral.

Watching this guy having a fun game of hopscotch certainly brightened my day. Watch the humorous video below.

If you have any trouble viewing the video above, try the one below.

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