Dance Crew Puts On Epic Show For Passengers During 6 Hour Flight Delay

Waiting for a flight can be a chore at the best of times. But when your flight is delayed it can become downright exasperating.

When a flight was delayed for 6 hours in Dallas, tired passengers grew very upset. So the dance crew Funkywunks – who happened to be waiting along with all the others – sprung into action to do what they do best.

The dance crew hail from Orlando. They are hip-hop dancers and have enjoyed some success, appearing on NBC’s “World of Dance” and participating in the U.S. All Star Federation champions in 2015. The Dallas airport may have been a less prestigious venue, but I’m sure passengers were entertained.

The Funkywunks put on a great show, dancing energetically and doing their best to put smiles back on the faces of their fellow passengers.

Watch as Funkywunks spread their good cheer. Travelers were no doubt in a much better mood when they finally got on their flight.