Dad Has Priceless Reaction When He Gets A New Puppy

A son surprised his dad with a new puppy for Christmas and his dad’s reaction was priceless! I mean, really really awesome.

Philip Michaels explains why it was such a special moment for his dad:

“We had a Maltese for about 15 years and he was beginning to get up there in age and had to one dreadful day, put him down. My father was heart broken. We all knew that we wanted a new puppy but would have to wait awhile for my father to heal. We were all heart broken. Then one day my father had come home and showed me pictures of a dog he had seen in the city, while on his lunch break at work. It was a havanese.

“So after about 6 months and Christmas only being a few weeks away, my mother and I decided to go looking for a new puppy. We had told my father that we were going food shopping and went off to where we had picked out our previous little puppy 15 years earlier.

“Me being the animal lover that I am, I saw this little white puppy sleeping in the corner being ignored by all the other dogs. This is just how I found my previous puppy. I grabbed him, his tail wagged and he reminded me so much of my maltese and I knew he was the one.

“So we brought him home and as my mother went off inside and asked my father to help me with the groceries (which is why he’s ticked off that I am still on the car on my phone and whips up his arms), he came out and was expecting food for the week, but instead found a new best friend.”

By the way, Philip and his mom visited a shelter, the same shelter that introduced them to their previous pet 15 years ago, and brought home a precious Havanese-Maltese mix for dad. Dad named his new best friend Monty.

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And here’s Monty and ‘dad’ enjoy relaxing together watching videos on YouTube. 🙂

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