Dad’s Delightful Reaction To His First Time At Car Wash

Sometimes the simplest things can delight us, especially if they are new experiences. At age 78, this Newfoundlander from the Canadian town of Gander got to experience a car wash for the very firs time thanks to his daughter. She caught his delightful reaction while her car got cleaned and explained how it came about.

“We had some snow in early fall and I chose to go to the car wash to get all the snow off. Not knowing that dad (who is 78 ) had never been in one before, I proceeded and answered his questions along the way,” she wrote.

“He had lived in one town his entire life, a rural town in Newfoundland,” she continued. “Some of the questions were so funny, like ‘Do we get out now?’ I decided to start to tape him without him knowing. It was so sweet and innocent, the reactions and how he wished he could share it with his friends and his grandfather.”

Watch the delightful exchange in the video below.

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