Dad Has The Perfect Response When His Daughter Wants To Dress As Han Solo For Halloween

Tom B. had just finished watching Star Wars with his 7-year-old daughter when she turned to him and asked if she could be Han Solo for Halloween. He answered that of course she could. After all, who wouldn’t want to be Han Solo. But when she turned to him and paused to say “Wellll…I’m a girl”, he did what any good dad would do.

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“When your daughter decides she wants to be Han Solo for Halloween, there’s only one thing a dad can do…”

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“People keep asking me why I dressed as Leia and not Chewie. Here’s one big reason why – Oliver the Wookie dog.”

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“Han and Chewie get ready for school…”

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What an awesome dad! When Tom isn’t being a great role model to his daughter, he blogs about his quest for great books for kids to read!

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