Daughter And Dad Sneakily Rehearse So They Can Surprise Mom At Dance Recital

Time goes by so quickly. But with our hectic lives it’s sometimes difficult to really spend quality time with one another.

In this video by Quaker Canada, a young girl named Lauren and her dad, Michael, are asked “If you could do anything together what would it be?” Both tell the interviewers that they want to spend more time together and Lauren has the perfect idea on what to do. Lauren wants her dad to dance with her and surprise mom.

With her summer dance recital around the corner it was the perfect time to practice. So the two set to work right away and spend 5 days together rehearsing.

When the big night arrives and mom, Lynne, knows nothing about what father and daughter have been up to. She arrives at the theatre and Michael is no where to be found. Worried, she texts, she calls and holds a seat for him, but he never answers. When Lauren steps on stage, it looks like dad is going to miss his daughter’s special dance. That’s when mom gets their big surprise and the look on her face is priceless!

It just goes to show that some parents with do “crazy things” for their kids!

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