Dad Makes Hilarious Dubsmash Videos Of Him And The Baby To Send To Mom

Eric Bruce and his wife Priscilla are like many modern families. They juggle two jobs and when they welcomed a new baby boy, Jack, into the world, life got even more busy. That’s why Eric came up with an idea to keep Priscilla updated on what was going on when he was looking after Jack.

While mom, Pricilla went to work on the weekends and evenings, Eric took care of babysitting and filmed a series of creative Dubsmash videos to entertain her when she was away from home.

The precious moments include Eric feeding Jack broccoli and getting Jack ready for bed accompanied by a hilarious lip-syncs to clips from popular songs and movies.

The video below is a supercut of all the cute dubsmashes Eric and Jack made and sent to mom in 2015. What a great way to remember moments shared between father and son, and to bring a smile to mom’s face.

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