Couple Tell The Amazing Story Of Her “One-Of-A-Kind” Wedding Dress

Edwin Morgan was one of the millions of American men who went overseas to fight the Nazis in World War II. When victory was declared, Edwin and many other soldiers decided to take a few souvenirs home with them. One of the items he sent home was a Luftwaffe pilot’s emergency parachute.

When Edwin returned home, it was time to start living again. He set his eyes on Betty, who lived next door and she said ‘yes’ to getting married. But as food and supplies of every kind were being rationed, Betty wondered how she could afford a wedding dress. As material was hard to come by, Betty’s future mother-in-law suggested that she use the parachute that Edwin had brought home to make the wedding gown! A little hesitant at first, Betty took the parachute to a skilled tailor who worked his magic, transforming the Nazi parachute into a beautiful “one of a kind” gown!

Watch as Edwin and Betty recount their courtship and how her unusual wedding gown came to be in the video below.

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