Couple Come To Rescue Of Moose Tangled Up In Wire Fence

A couple driving to a medical appointment made an unusual roadside stop to rescue a moose. Angie Hillmer and Kirk Barharn were driving near Princeton, British Columbia, this week when they saw the large animal stuck in a fence.

The moose was lying on her side, her legs tangled up in the wire. She appears to have tried to jump over the fence but got stuck. Barharn approached the moose to free her while Hillmer filmed on her phone. “Careful she doesn’t kick you,” Hillmer says off camera.

As soon as the moose was freed she jumped to her feet and ran off. Barharn said later he wasn’t concerned for his safety as he had the fence as a barrier, he just wanted to make sure the moose didn’t get attacked by any predator. He told CBC As It Happens that one hoof was much more stuck than the other but was able to wiggle it out using all his strength.

They later told Castanet that it was a “once in a lifetime” experience. Barharn says he’s an animal lover and an outdoors person and has rescued animals before. He’s saved a bald eagle, owl and other animals but nothing as large as a moose.

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