Cockatoo Lays Egg in Her Human’s Lap In Touching Moment

A touching moment between an umbrella cockatoo and her caregiver is a reminder that childbirth can be difficult for all species, not just humans. Erin Samela Audet recently shared a video of her 18-year-old umbrella cockatoo Chic laying an egg.

Chic is sitting in Audet’s lap and leaning into her chest to get comforted. It’s the sounds Chic makes as she strains to lay the egg that has captured people’s attention, as you will see in the video below.

“Made my heart hurt for her… until she had success,” writes one viewer of Chic. “Then I found myself celebrating her success! She is so blessed to have such a comforting momma!”

One other person remarked after watching the video, “Amazing ladies… both of them.”

Another added, “Good job, you go girl. That sounded like such hard work. Hope her chick is healthy when they hatch (provided it’s a fertile one anyway).”

Audet clarified that the egg is infertile and will not not hatch as there are no male cockatoos are in Chic’s life right now. This is apparently the seventh egg Chic has laid over a 3.5 year span.

Audet also reassured everyone that Chic was fine afterwards. She commented that Chic is very affectionate. “She always has to be near me or within a few feet when I’m home… she’s so needy but a good girl.” Audet added “She’s the best.”

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