Cobra Settles in Doorway And Prevents Homeowner From Entering

A homeowner in Ghorahi, Nepal had an unwelcome visitor at their door that wouldn’t let him go inside. Settled in their doorway was a King Cobra!

In the footage shared by the person, the huge snake has wedged itself in a crack in the doorframe. It must be feeling threatened because it rears up ready to strike, which it does when the person gets too close!

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try the version below:

This homeowner’s predicament reminds us of the woman who discovered a snake ringing her doorbell! Although the situation is anything but funny, viewers couldn’t help but find the humor in the “you shall not pass” situation, likening the snake to a home alarm system.

“Ring Doorbell meet the Ring Cobra,” joked one viewer. “For those times when you just don’t want to record but kill someone coming to your door.”

Another viewer wrote “imagine you are trying to open the door and cobara is asking you for PASSWORD.”

“Now that’s a bad ass alarm system,” added another. One homeowner asked, “Anyone know when they’re gonna be selling one of these Cobra snake door locks here in Canada? My home security will be one less tension on my mind.”

Of course anyone employing one of the world’s most dangerous snakes as a door alarm might want to brush up on their snake charming skills!

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