Clever Dog Plays Fetch with Herself

Alex Watkins was getting busy working at home so he decided he’d teach his dog how to play fetch with herself and now “it’s her absolute favorite thing.”

Watkins explains, “I work full time from home and during my busy season I don’t get to play with my dog as much. She loves to play fetch, so I bought her an automatic ball thrower to fill in when I can’t. She LOVES it!”

He shared this following adorable video to show just how much she loves it.

We love how intently his dog stares at the ball launcher and readies herself to spring into action! Those are some very happy, prancing feet! Other viewers love the adorable video too. It’s gotten 11 million views in a few short months.

“It’s the leg for me when she raises it that signals she is ready for this,” one viewer commented about Alex’s dog. Others loved the dog’s seesaw hopping.

“It’s so adorable how she’s bouncing between her front and back legs like a seesaw,” observed another viewer. One person agreed and wrote, “I love how she’s impatiently jumping and waiting for it.”

Her prancing is so cute. She reminds us a lot of Buddy, who also really loves his ball launcher.

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