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When puppies end up at a shelter, they can usually find a home quite quickly. But for one puppy named Chester, finding a loving home that will accept him despite his disability has proven difficult. was asked to write Chester’s story with the hope that someone in our community will open up their heart to this sweet puppy, so if there’s just one thing you do today, could you please click the SHARE button to help Chester find a human to call his own?

Adam Cox captured the following images of Chester, an Irish Wolfhound mix, and shared it with Adam told us, “Chester really is an adorable dog.”


“When I turned up to film him at his foster house the first thing he did was hobble out the door and jump on me as I crouched to greet him. He just layed there, usually dog’s jump around at you but he just wanted to sit on me,” Adam told


“I wanted to see how Chester got along with the other dogs and to see if they would interact with him differently, but they didn’t seem to give him any special treatment. He can keep up with them pretty well on the grass and at the beach.”

“Chester does seem to avoid hard surfaces (I think because he lacks padding on his front legs so it may hurt a bit),” Adam wrote.


“He’s also top heavy so he can’t swim at this stage. He tends to go under easy which is why he doesn’t like deep water. He’s very at home in shallow water as seen in the video.” [see video below]


Adam told, “He is very new to his wheels so they are challenging for him, however many dogs with assisted walking devices can take a while to adjust. Ideally the wheels will be used for long distance walking or jogging. When he is chilling out at home he is still quite capable without the wheels.”


“His foster carer (Linda Vermast) has a wonderful bond with him and indeed I think she would love to keep him however she already has two dogs and legally cannot own three,” wrote Adam.


Linda wrote, “Chester is a lovely boy, very affectionate and friendly. He loves his doggy friends and just wants to play. He gets along with every other dog he has met so far. He also loves his toys a lot. Now that he is comfortable with my Labradors, he plays tug of war with them.”


Linda adds, “His toilet training is coming along very well, he knows to go outside to go to the toilet and I have not had an accident inside for a couple of weeks. He likes it when you hold his front end up and he walks with the back legs. He sort of expects it now, he will lay there and just look at you like ‘well come on, pick me up, take me outside for toilet!'”


“Chester is friendly with anyone he meets, loves to hug them and lean on them for support. Chester also sleeps right through the night with no interruptions. He even stays in bed a bit after I have already arisen likes he wants to sleep in! He sleeps in his own cushioned bed on the floor next to my bed. He knows this is where he sleeps and automatically goes there when I go to bed. He is very smart. He also likes to snuggle up with my dogs during the day,” wrote Linda.


“Chester would benefit greatly if he could be rehomed with another dog, he really enjoys their company and you can see he is very happy,” Linda wrote, “Chester is a complete pleasure to Foster; he would make a wonderful pet for anyone who is willing to give him a helping hand and chance…”


Adam made this great video of Chester:

Adam also told us, “I’m sure whoever he ends up will be very pleased because he has a bustling personality and is a very loveable boy.”

The Animal Welfare League Queensland is still taking applications for Chester and is looking for an ideal home that would suit a dog of his needs. You can read more about Chester and apply to adopt him here.


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