Cats Play and Roam Safely In Yards With ‘Catios’

House cats love to roam outdoors, but letting them run freely outside isn’t always the safest or most convenient thing to do, depending where you live. That’s where “catios” are wonderful solutions. They are partly a cattery and partly a patio!

Catios are outdoor enclosures especially designed with backyards and cats in mind.


Photo credit: Catio Spaces

The enclosures allow cats to be outdoors and roam around but without the worry or need to keep an eye on them.


Photo credit: Catio Spaces

These particular catios come with lots of features: UV-protected sunroofs, breathable mesh walls, all-natural cedar perches and catwalks.


Photo credit: Catio Spaces

They can be accessed from the home, attached to windows and doors.


Photo credit: Dan Reeder

The window box verandas let cats enjoy window sills in an entirely new way.


Photo credit: Catio Spaces


Photo credit: Catio Spaces

Cats can climb, run along fences in special catwalks.


Photo credit:Dan Reeders


Photo credit: Dan Reeder

They can be custom-built to be built as standalone sanctuaries or ground-level or window-level attachments.


Photo credit: Dan Reeder

Catios keep cats safe from traffic and wild animals and also keep the local birds safe from them.


Photo credit: Dan Reeder

There’s ones where humans can hang out too.


Photo credit: Catio Spaces

The enclosures also let cats enjoy one of their favorite past times – napping in the sun.


Photo credit: Catio Spaces

What do you think? Would you build (or have you built) a “catio” for your feline friend?


Photo credit: Catio Spaces

Photos published on with permission from Dan Reeder and Catio Spaces

Catio Spaces currently provides catios customers in the Seattle area only, but they have DIY plans available through their website for people to make on their own, or with the help of a carpenter. Reeder has a YouTube channel GourmetPaperMache with videos of incredible paper mache projects.

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