20 Cats Who Proudly Show Off Their Work On Christmas Trees

These adorable cats want nothing more than to help their humans decorate the Christmas tree. After all, what other time of year is a tree brought into the house, especially for them?

Not only that, but their humans decorate the tree with lots of shiny objects that make it extra special. Whereas many people have taken to pet proofing their trees, these 20 families decided to let their cats participate in the decorating, with hilarious results.

1. My work here is done.

My work here is done. from pics

2. Tree before and after cat.

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3. Oh, hey.

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4. It hasn’t been up for 3 minutes.

Fa la la la la – la la la nope.

5. Cat shining brightly.

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6. The “tree” fort.

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7. Can you spot the cat?

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8. “I wonder who did it?”

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9. “Look at what I did. Isn’t it awesome!”

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10. Not sure about this whole tree thing.

Not sure about this whole tree thing

11. She’s shy but loves this tree.

This is Noma; She’s shy but loves this tree. from catsintrees

12. The tree nap she’s been waiting all year for.

Tree Nap! She’s been waiting all year! from catsintrees

13. Peek-a-boo!

Peek-a-boo! from catsintrees

14. Cats are happy to help with wrapping presents too.

My cat ripped open all the presents Christmas morning

15. “Get a cat, it’ll be fun.”

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16. Destruction complete.

Cat 1 – Christmas Tree 0

17. He jumped right in.

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18. Sometimes the other pets join in on the fun.

Dog jumped in Christmas tree after cat

19. It’s not just cats that help. “The tree just fainted.”

Oh good, you're here. The tree just fainted.

20. No need for a tree topper now.

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In all seriousness, tinsel and Christmas ornaments can pose a serious health risk to your pets, so do make sure to safety proof any decorations around your home to keep everyone’s holidays happy and merry.

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