18 People Who Go To Extremes To Protect Their Christmas Trees From Naughty Pets

These pet parents came up with creative ways to protect their Christmas trees from their mischievous dogs and cats. They resort to some pretty unusual tactics to keep their holiday decorations safe from their pets wreaking havoc. But it’s also smart for their pets too.

In all seriousness, tinsel and Christmas ornaments can pose a serious health risk to your pets, so do make sure to safety proof any decorations around your home to keep everyone’s holidays happy and merry.

That doesn’t mean you have to take it to the hilarious extremes these pet parents go to, but then again, maybe you’ll get a yuletide tip you’ll want to try!

1. “Our dog keeps eating ornaments. This is our solution.”

2. “Christmas tree for cat owners.”


4. “So my dad told me he had to dog proof the Christmas tree…this was not what I expected…”

5. “It’s done!!! Our dog proof tree.”

6. A fool-proof solution!

7. “Built a baby and dog proof Christmas tree.”

8. “Fox proof Christmas tree.”

9. “Someone isn’t to be trusted with a decorated Christmas tree.”

10. “Built a baby and dog proof Christmas tree.”

11. “Our cat proof Christmas tree! We decided to buy a smaller one and put it on top of the kitchen fridge. Haha.”

12. Look familiar?

13. Cat proofed.

14. “I figured out a solution. Christmas tree for cats.”





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