Cat Who Looks Like Grumpy Old Man Cared For By His Best Feline Friend

Toby may look like a grumpy old man cat, but he’s really not. Toby has a rare genetic condition known as Ehlers Danlos syndrome (EDS). The condition weakens the connective tissues in his body. The condition also makes the joints loose and skin thin and he can get easily bruised.

Toby was found hiding together with another cat, Quinton, who was missing all his teeth. The pair were rescued together from a house and went to live with Cristopher and Georgina.

Even though Toby is a special needs cat, he acts like a regular one and that’s in large part thanks to his friendship with Quinton, who has pulled him through many hardships. Quinton looks after Toby, sensing his friend is fragile and needs to be looked after.

The couple shared on Instagram that Quinton is likely why Toby survived his early years. “He definitely saved Toby and kept him alive. We care for Toby not only because we love him but because Quinton loved him so much and he put his trust in us to care for his best friend.”

Quinton has sadly passed away from cancer before the making of the video. However his memory lives on. “Quinton was always happiest with his little brother,” his family wrote. “His natural instinct to nurture and care for others was astounding.”

But Toby is not alone. He now has the company of Leo and Chino, two other cats with EDS.

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