Cat Warns Her Mom There Is A Bear In The House

Nothing appeared out of the ordinary when Shannon Davis pulled into her driveway. But her cat let her know differently.

When Shannon got to her front door she noticed that her cat wasn’t going inside the house. Instead, the cat was staring inside through a window and had what Shannon says was a weird expression on her face.

Shannon took note of her cat’s odd behavior and looked inside the window herself. That’s when she saw a shadowy figure pass by her. That shadow turned out to be a bear!

Somehow the bear had gotten into her house and was raiding her home for food. Shannon stayed outside but pulled out her camera and at one point the bear intruder stuck his head out of the window…with something in his mouth. That something turned out to be a sugary treat.

After the bear left Shannon’s home of his own accord (through the back door), Shannon noticed a few things missing. He had rummaged through her snack tray and helped himself to some sugary treats. She even found a lollipop stuck on the carpet. Thankfully, the bear with a sweet tooth didn’t stay long and went on his way without incident.

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