Proud Mama Cat Presents Her Newborns to Her Human Mom

A cat who presented her newborn kittens to her human mom wasn’t expecting the reaction she got. The proud mama brought her kittens to the bed where her mom was sleeping and placed them gently about the woman’s head.

One by one she brings the babies over to what she probably considers the safest and warmest place in the house. But then…

If you have trouble viewing the reddit video, try the version below:

The cat’s mom must be pretty darn exhausted, because she picks up the kittens and places them by her side without opening her eyes.

We could swear the mama cat is puzzled by his behavior. Many redditors agree, imagining the cat is not happy with the response she got.

“That last look,” writes one redditor. “‘Uhhh why are you not loving my cute little babies? How dare you,'” another viewer surmised.

“I was waiting for the cat to start smacking her head at the end,” commented another perplexed viewer.

“She looks so disappointed. She wanted her to warm her babies but she just moved them away,” noted another.

Not everyone jumped to the conclusion that the cat’s mom was being inconsiderate. Some gave the woman the benefit of the doubt saying that she probably was trying to get a few moments of shut-eye after helping the cat deliver her babies.

Other people were more interested in discussing the cat’s behavior and noted that it might be part of a natural instinct as in “here, you take them so I can do something else, like hunt.”

One redditor says they have observed such a behavior on farms. “It occasionally happens with big cat families (like on farms) that multiple moms will pile their kittens together and take care of them collectively,” they observed. “Mostly between mom and daughter.”

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