Cat Instantly Learns How to Dive in Pool After Being Scared by Garbage Bag

A cat walking near his family’s pool got an unexpected lesson in diving in (and out) of the water after he got startled not once but twice.

The cat’s parent, who lives in São Paulo, Brazil, shared home surveillance video of his kitty’s aquatic acrobatics.

He wrote on YouTube, “My kitten who learned to dive…When he was startled by the garbage bag, he took a step back, put his paw in the water and it scared him so much he ended jumping from one pool to the other.”

The cat definitely seemed equally startled by the water as he was of the red garbage bag, which set off the chain of events. But we commend how quickly the cat’s dad responded to his pet’s accidental plunge into the water; he immediately ran out to check if his cat needed rescuing. Kudos, dad.

In this case, the cat managed to hop and leap out of the pool all on his own. It’s always recommended to be close by and supervise your pool if you have pets as accidents can always happen. This incident fortunately ended well. But there are many times when it could have gone terribly wrong if it weren’t for a family member noticing in time, such as was the case when a 5-year-old boy saved his 2-month old puppy from drowning.

And many animal lovers also look out for wild animals by using the Frog Log to assist animals that may accidentally fall into the water.

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