Husky Loses All 4 Paws In A Horrific Act Of Cruelty, But Veterinarian Helps Him Walk Again

This Siberian Husky lost all 4 of his feet in a horrifically cruel act. But what this veterinarian did to help him had me in tears.

Da Hei is a 7-year-old Siberian Husky and lives in China. He arrived at Dr. Liu’s office after two men dropped him off and ran away. Dr. Liu discovered to his horror that Da Hei had had his limbs deliberately torn off.

Dr. Liu decided to do what he could to help the poor dog. “He’s a survivor. It took him only 19 days to recover,” Liu said of Da Hei. Dr. Liu did not want Da Hei to simply survive, so he approached a prosthetic factory in Beijing and asked if they would help. They worked together to create the Husky 4 artificial limbs.


Thanks to Dr. Liu’s care, Da Hei is walking again and has a permanent home with the vet.

“It wasn’t an easy process for Da Hei. I know for him sometimes walking was painful because the prosthetics weren’t adjusted right. But he was really brave. I kind of admire him,” Dr. Liu’s assistant Mr. Zhu said.

It took 8 months of hard work, but the prosthetics now fit. Da Hei may be the first dog in China to receive artificial limbs. But that doesn’t matter to Da Hei, who is happy to walk and get outside to play with other dogs.