2-Year-Old Boy Reacts to Skeleton Puppy Halloween Decorations

A father shopping for toys and Halloween decorations shared this short clip of his 2-year-old son reacting to “bone puppies” in the Target store. The little boy is carrying balls in his hands when he notices some skeleton puppies among the Halloween decorations.

The boy happily points to them and turns to his dad saying “puppies”. What his dad says in response causes the boy to react in a way perfectly in line for Halloween…

Viewers couldn’t help but laugh at the boy’s adorable response but also chide the father for his poor choice of words. Wrote one viewer: “Words to use:
Fake. Skeleton. Decorations. The word he chose: Dead.”

“Scarred for life,” wrote another accompanied by a laughing emoji. “Life came at that boy hard and fast,” said another.

The top comment on YouTube reads, “Therapist: So where do you think this phobia started?”

Fellow father Ryan Treks shared the reaction his child had to skeleton puppies. “Haha, yeah. My 2 year old walks up to those in Home Depot and says ‘puppy bones.’ I laughed and asked if he wanted to pet them. He did with no problem, and re-stated ‘puppy bones’. Then I ask if he wants to go off to the left and look at the other things (werewolf, witch, mummy, etc.). Eyes wide open, shaking his head no.”

The boy’s reaction reminds us of Cornflake the dog’s reaction when he was out shopping for Halloween with his family recently.

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