Blind Senior Dog Happy Dances Whenever She Meets Her Adoptive Dad

It doesn’t matter if they have only been apart for an hour. When Chapter, an adopted senior dog, meets her dad, it’s a moment to celebrate and celebrate she does.

Twitter user The Jase (@jasemonkey) adopted Chapter when she was very old, but seeing her reaction when they get together you would think they were together their entire lives. The Jase shared two heartwarming videos of meeting Chapter in the park and how she reacts when she senses he is near.

He tweets, “At 15 her eyesight isn’t great so she needs a little sniff before she recognises me.”

Chapter’s happy dance is how she regularly greets him too. Her dad tweeted and shared a second video, writing, “One thing you can never grow tired of in life is the joyous greeting of a doggie. I love how Chapter is always happy to see me even if we’ve only been apart for a hour 🙂 xxx”

One of the videos was recently posted to Reddit where it has quickly gone viral.

One redditor wrote, “Her eyesight might be fading but her youthful exuberance hasn’t lost a day.”

Pato_Lucas wrote, “That’s the Cocker Spaniel: growing old is mandatory, growing up is absolutely optional. Source: have one.”

MarTHan2_LessThan21 commented, “Awww. Reminds me of one I lost 🙁 Old in body, young in spirit.”

“What a beautiful soul,” others commented, “bless her little heart, so precious.”

Tsr1–0886 summed it up simply and for all of us, “Dogs are the best.”

The Jase recently posted another video of Chapter enjoying the music he played on bass guitar, in which he reveals that Chase has since crossed Rainbow Bridge. “I only had Chapter in my life for a short time because she was very old when I adopted her – but I’m so grateful for the time we spent together.”

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