Blind Puppy Rescued From A Meth Lab Finds A Forever Home Thanks To Cop Who Saved Him

What this police officer did for a poor, blind puppy restores my faith in humanity! This rescue story begins when a deputy named Hanna went to a house suspected of running a meth lab. When she arrived at “the rundown house with three guys getting ready to cook” there were “tons of dogs everywhere”.

“I heard they were making meth (I know most of the people I deal with, because I deal with them so frequently), asked for consent to enter the residence – he gave it – and yeah – meth lab.”

Among the 15 or so dogs living on the decrepit property was a blind merle Australian shepherd mix. As the dogs were being taken away to go to the local shelter, the puppy caught Hanna’s attention.

Knowing that he and the other dogs were headed to an overcrowded shelter, Hanna took action. “He broke my heart. I couldn’t watch him get put on the truck with the other dogs.”


She explained, “There were many dogs at this residence that were removed by animal control, but considering his disability and how full our animal [shelter] stays, I knew he wouldn’t last long. So I took him to the vets…They cleaned him up – tested him for parvo and distemper, gave him his shots, wormed him and all… I brought him home, he’s happy and I found a home for him with a friend who can better care for him and devote more time to his disability.”

Hanna named the blind puppy ‘James’ after James Holman, who was known as “the Blind Traveler” and famous for exploring the world in the 1800s.

Hanna doesn’t believe James lost his vision from being in the meth lab, but rather because of a poor genetics from in-breeding. “I’m assuming [his blindness] is because of a bad gene. One of the guys we arrested said there’s a blind one born in every litter… But they usually die….. If that’s not it, then poor nutrition and care probably didn’t help. There were dead dogs under the house.”

Hanna said that James wasn’t a guard dog; he was taken from “just someone irresponsibly having a LOT of dogs”.

But thanks to Hanna, James is “completely content with his new life” and has a family who love and care for him.

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