Adorable Hedgehog Goes On Awesome Outdoor Adventures With His Humans

Meet Biddy the cute Hedgehog who is exploring the world with a little help from his humans.

Biddy is a 3-year-old male African Pygmy Hedgehog with a taste for adventure. No matter where the destination, Biddy loves going with his humans to visit nature’s wonders.

Biddy always starts his adventures with a nice bath.

Then, he’s off to see the sights, like Old Faithful!

And the Painted Hills in Oregon.

He gets dressed up for festive celebrations like Cinco de Mayo

There’s always lots for him to do at the beach.

And at the snowy hills of Mirror Lake.

Biddy’s sister, Charlie, tags along on the adventures.

She’s got his back!

There are pumpkin patches to explore.

And mountains.

And waterfalls.

Sometimes they go to the big city (Portland).

When Biddy’s back at home he looks forward to getting his fan mail.

And having staring contests with Cousin Willy.

He enjoys the sunshine.

The backyard…

…and hiding among pine cones.

He’s a relaxed, easy-going hedgehog.

And when one adventure is over, it’s time to get ready for the next!

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