Woman Pretends To Throw Ball And Captures The Exact Moment Her Dog Realizes He Was Betrayed

Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking? Jasmine Milton never has to with her dog, Anuko. The Siberian Husky from the Midlands in the UK, always lets her know exactly what he’s thinking with his expressive face.

As you will see from the photos below, he’s got loads of charisma and makes his mom laugh, which is a really good thing.

Anuko has helped Jasmine through difficult times. “I got Anuko shortly after I was treated with having depression, and ever since Anuko has lifted any downs I’ve ever had,” she said. “He’s forced me to go out when all I want to do is lay in bed. He’s made me laugh when nobody else was able to, and now he’s making the rest of the world laugh. He’s my hero and definitely more than just a pretty face!”

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This is the moment Anuko realized Jasmine didn’t throw the ball.

“Mum pretended to throw a ball and caught the exact moment I realised she had betrayed me. She found this very funny indeed!”

He’s got the scowl down to a science.

He shows off the “fierce” when running!

He’s especially scowly when it’s grooming time.

“Human just informed me I’m about to be “washed and brushed” hopefully my mean look will scare her off from completing her mission.”

Did he not say “no” to the bath?

“Human bathed me. Her death shall be slow and painful.”

But Anuko is not all angry scowls. He knows when to turn on the charm too. Although, this one could be relief because the bath time is over.

He knows how to be suave!

And happy (when he gets treats).

“Hmm… Mum says I overdid it on the @poochandmutt “calm and relaxed” treats. I say not! Hand the bag over, human!”

He’s also got a soft spot for cats. Just don’t tell anyone.

“This is Kimba, she’s kinda my best friend. But don’t tell anybody that, cause she’s a cat and they might make fun of me.”

He loves hugs.

Seriously, though. Back to his attitude. He’s got it in spades.

“So you ran a marathon? Tell me more about how heavy the sled was.”

What you looking’ at?

What a character! Life would never be boring with such a wonderful dog. Share Anuko and his awesomeness with your friends and family!