Choir Creates The Sound Of A Rainstorm Using Their Hands In Awesome Cover Of ‘Africa’

Since 1982, Toto’s hit song ‘Africa’ has been covered by musicians all over the globe. But this particular version, performed by Los Angeles’ Angel City Chorale, is far and away the most unique version of the song I’ve ever heard.

The large choir begin their performance of the classic song by rubbing their hands together. The sound is very quiet at the start, but if you listen closely you’ll realize it sounds much like a light rain falling. After a minute, the “rain” gets louder and louder, as the sounds the choir members’ hands begin to make the sounds of heavy rain in a thunderstorm! And that’s just the introduction of the song!

Watch this amazing cover of ‘Africa’ and share it with your friends!

Note: the sound for the first minute of the video is very quiet and you may need to turn the volume up.

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