I Can’t Believe What This Guy Is Doing On A Hoverboard! This Is Something You Have To See! WOW!

This is amazing!!! Check out these water toys – they look like so much fun, but some of the moves they pull off are just incredible.

The hoverboard is an accessory that attaches to a personal watercraft, which gives it propulsion through the air and water. 90% of the propulsion is routed through the primary nozzel that is attached to the bottom of the hoverboard. Movement and control is accomplished by using your feet to tilt the hoverboard up, down, left, and right. Basically, a hoverboard is like a powered wakeboard.

The hand nozzles get the remaining 10% of the power and are used to ensure stabilization, similar to ski poles. In effect the personal watercraft or “ski” acts as a pump to give you propulsion.