Woman Heroically Carries Shot PitBull Down A Mountain And Saves His Life

Andi Davis is my new hero and when you hear her story you’ll know why. She was out hiking on a local mountain near her Arizona home when she found a wounded Pit bull at the top of the hill. She noted that he was very thin and wasn’t moving.

Elijah on the mountain

Elijah when he was found by Andi Davis on top of the mountain. Photo credit: Andi Davis

The 2-year-old dog was almost dead, and what no one realized at first, was that he had been shot. What Andi did next is simply incredible!

Andi picked the 47-pound dog up in her arms and carried him down the steep mountain by herself.

It was a grueling hour long trek down, but her husband and daughter met her at the bottom and they drove to Arizona Humane Society where he received emergency care.

The dog was named Elijah and although the Davis family already had three dogs of their own, they couldn’t forget him and he joined their family permanently.


Elijah with the Davis family. Photo credit: Arizona Humane Society

Elijah completely changed the Davis family’s attitude towards Pit Bulls and he immediately bonded with young Jessi, who wants to tell everyone that her new dog is amazing!

Watch Jessi and Andi talk about how Elijah came into their family and share this amazing rescue with your family and friends!

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