Woman Living 2,000 Miles Away Saves Injured Terrier Hit By Car And Left To Die

There are incredible people living among us. People who are truly selfless and have a passion for animals. Laura is one such person. When Laura read a story online about a small terrier named Sophie who had been hit by a car and left to die in a gutter, she knew she wanted to help save her. But how? She lived in Nashville, Tennessee, and Sophie was in Downey, California over 2,000 miles away!

Sophie was at an animal shelter after a Good Samaritan had picked her up and taken her there. The small terrier had a pelvis fracture that left her unable to walk. Knowing that Sophie’s time was limited and euthanasia was quickly becoming a reality, Laura started a mission to save her.

For days Laura called, emailed, faxed over 50 animal rescues in California pleading for assistance. No one responded, no doubt because they are overwhelmed and underfunded with other dogs to rescue.

Just as Laura was about to give up hope, she got a call from Southern California’s Abandoned Terrier Rescue Association.

Janet is a volunteer with the group and agreed to foster Sophie. A few months later, and Sophie has had surgery and is not only walking, she’s running! And in an even happier piece of news, Janet not only fostered Sophie, she ended up adopting her too!

As for Laura, she’s extremely happy that she was able to help. “It just takes one person,” says Laura of rescuing a dog. “Pick up the phone, you never know who’s going to say ‘I’ll help’.”

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