Woman Rescues Adorable Puppy From Rusted Crate In Puerto Rico After Hurricane

A woman was traveling in Puerto Rico when she saw a tiny puppy in a rusted crate and knew she had to help her.

After Hurricane Maria, many strays were in trouble and many pets were left behind, after their families were forced to leave. Kristen Aaron was in Puerto Rico to document and bring awareness to the issue when she spotted Carolina.

She was walking through the many crates of dogs when she saw a puppy all by herself. The moment Kristen took the puppy out of the crate she lit up. “That’s when it all completely changed,” Kristen said in the video by The Dodo.

Kristen decided to foster Carolina right then and there. After bringing her back to New York, Carolina’s unique personality gradually came out. She was just so happy and her happiness was contagious because the second she went to the vet her life was about to change!

Watch the heartwarming video to see how Carolina went from literally dying in a crate alone to having a family of her own.

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