Woman Flees Wildfire On Bicycle With Her 70 Pound Dog On Her Back

There was no way Natasha Wallace was going to leave her beloved Pit Bull behind. Natasha was driving home from studying at college at 2am in the morning when she saw the deadly flames of a wildfire heading in the direction of her home in Santa Rosa, California.

She raced home to rescue Bentley, her 4-year-old Pit Bull, but as they headed out they got stuck in traffic. One car next to her even crashed and overturned! She quickly realized that the fire was spreading so fast that she wouldn’t be able to get to safety in time, so she quickly came up with another plan – take her bike and put Bentley in a duffel bag. The only problem with that plan was that Bentley is 70 pounds!

But that didn’t deter Natasha, who got Bentley to jump into the bag, pulled him onto her back and started to cycle. Thankfully, she only had to bicycle a few miles when another evacuee spotted her and offered her a lift.

Natasha’s home was completely burned to the ground, but she is grateful to be alive and to have Bentley by her side. Wallace told KTLX, “I would never part ways with my dog. ever,” Wallace said. “That’s my ride or die. Oh my God, literally.”

Watch Natasha recount how she escaped in the video below and share her amazing feat with your family and friends.