Woman Alarmed To See Who Keeps Ringing Her Doorbell

Makenze Bullins wasn’t happy when she saw who was at her front door. In fact, she was downright shocked! She wasn’t home when she received an alert on her phone. Her motion-sensing doorbell sends her a video message whenever someone stops by.

She shared the video of her unexpected visitor and wrote on Facebook:

“This is NO JOKE!! [My husband] is out of town, I’m at work and this freaking thing keeps setting off my doorbell camera!! Someone PLEASE come get this snake for me! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!””

Your eyes are not deceiving you. A snake had decided to pay her a visit.

The video prompted many people to comment about the unwanted solicitor.

Said one, “Ma’am do you have a moment to talk about the book of Genesis?” Another wrote, “That means she has to move right? I’m pretty sure that’s the signal to just abandon everything in that home and to move far far away.”

Thankfully, the snake appears to have been of a species that is not a danger to humans. And although her friends did come by and helped remove the snake, one of Bullins’ friends mentioned she might have wanted to keep the friendly snake around, writing, “Good snake to have around for mice and other critters.”

But most people agreed that Bullins made the right decision when it came to keeping her door firmly shut and not inviting the snake inside.

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