Wolves Chasing Bison And Elk Run Right In Front Of Drivers

Two drivers in Yellowstone National Park recently got to witness something pretty amazing when they saw the Wapiti Lake wolf pack out hunting.

Filmed in December 2020, both videos show the wolves hunting prey. In the first video a cow elk is being chased. In the second, a herd of bison are being pursued.

The driver that witnessed the elk being chased was out driving just before dark. They explain that the Wapiti Lake wolf pack is made up of 20 wolves, he saw seven.

“At last light I witnessed 7 wolves chase a cow elk across the road and eventually kill the elk 50 yards off the road. This occurred in the northern range of Yellowstone national park,” he described.

In the second dramatic video filmed by Ryan Sedgeley, the same pack of wolves are pursuing bison. The frightened bison stampede right across the road in front of him pursued by the wolves. At a couple of points several wolves look directly towards him in his car! What an amazing sight!

Sedgeley reminds drivers to the park to be sure to keep a safe distance, “Remember to stay 25 yards away from all wildlife besides bear and wolves, in which case, stay 100 yards away from them while in Yellowstone.”

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