Wild Ravens Have Fun Playing In The Snow

June Hunter enjoys watching the crows and ravens that live in her hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. She’s been photographing them for over a decade and always discovers them doing behaviors that are new. She captured one such moment on video recently that has gone viral.

While snowshoeing on Mount Seymour she noticed some ravens playing in the snow. The two birds were squawking and jumping about. And one even has fun rolling in the snow!

She later told CBC News that she thinks her video has been viewed so often because corvids are a welcome distraction from COVID. Lots of people find the birds fascinating; June certainly does. “I think there is just something about ravens being silly and having fun in the snow that is quite therapeutic for many of us, especially these days,” she said.

June is a professional photographer and dubs herself a “crow paparazzo.”

She loves taking pictures of all kinds of birds, but ravens and crows fascinate her the most. “If you start watching crows your life will be happier…because you’ll be interested and you will feel more connected to the natural world, even if you’re in the city,” she told CBC. “You’ll naturally feel better.”

It’s so fun seeing the ravens goofing off and having fun just like humans would in the snow!

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