Wild Gorilla Is Smitten With Conservationist And Playfully Steals Her Baseball Cap

When conservationist Damian Aspinall introduced his wife to a group of wild gorillas he had help save, neither expected the visit to be as heartwarming and memorable as it ended up being.

Aspinall has dedicated his life to protecting gorillas and preserving their natural habitat. As founder and chairman of the Aspinall Foundation, many lowland gorillas have been reintroduced back into the wild thanks to the Foundation’s efforts.

Throughout the years, Aspinall has had some remarkable reunions with the gorillas he helped raise. His reunion with Kwibi, a lowland gorilla he had raised as a baby and not seen in five years, is incredibly touching. Equally moving is Aspinall’s daughter’s reunion with the two gorillas she knew as a child.

And in June of 2017 came this reunion, one in which Aspinall introduces his wife to Djalta and Ima – two male gorillas from Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent, who made the journey back to the wild in 2003. The heart-warming moment reveals how Victoria is accepted by the wild gorillas.

Ima is particularly enamored with Victoria and wants to hug her. He also playfully, takes her baseball cap to try it on!

As Aspinall says in the video, it shows “how you should never underestimate how extraordinarily beautiful these gorillas are.”

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