Whale Soaks Sight Seeing Boat, Surprises Passengers Onboard

A humpback whale made quite a splash with tourists on a whale-watching sightseeing tour in New South Whales, Australia.

The waters appeared totally calm when the video, shot by a family onboard, opens. But just seconds later, the whale breeches right in front of the boat. He leaps high in the air before landing with a thud and and soaking everyone on the ship with water!

The videographer (and tourist) told Viralhog, “My family and I went on a whale watching adventure whilst on a holiday at port Macquarie, we saw a whale breach in the distance and I just knew I wanted one video however did not anticipate getting the magical shot I got.”

The whale seems so close to the boat you could almost have reached out and touched it. I’m sure that everyone on board will remember the trip for the rest of their lives.

Watch the incredible moment in the video below.

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