Baby Water Buffalo Adorably Licks His Rooster Pal

Tundra the water buffalo likes to keep his feathered friend clean, while helping himself to a tiny snack. In this cute video from the Barnyard Sanctuary in Columbia, New Jersey, Tundra gives a rooster named Roo a couple of licks on the head.

The strange behavior is actually quite logical when you realize Roo just finished eating and made a bit of a mess.

The animal sanctuary writes: “Our water buffalo, Tundra, was licking the head of our rooster, Roo. Roo had been eating chicken food and had some stuck on his head, so Tundra was cleaning it off. One of our volunteers and one of our employees both caught it on video.”

Remarkably, Roo doesn’t seem to mind one bit and stands in place patiently while his friend gives him a clean.

Watch the adorable exchange in the video below.

It’s not the first time unexpected friendships between barnyard animals have been caught on video, such as the time a chicken used a horse’s head for a roost.