UPS Driver Caught On Security Video Kicking Dog During Delivery

This security footage is quite shocking! A man is claiming that a UPS driver launched an unprovoked attack on his dog and him at an Alzheimer’s facility in California. The incident was recorded on cameras outside the assisted living facility in late May.

According to KSBY News, Tim Paulsen works at the senior living facility with his two dogs Patch and Bonnie Bell also works with residents. The footage shows the driver walking towards his truck with Patch following behind. The driver turns around and kicks Patch, causing him to roll and run away. Paulsen thought Patch was dead and ran up to the driver, only to be shoved and pushed.

Paulsen claims that he was injured during the altercation. “As I went to retrieve the dog, the driver then hit me in the chest, dislocating my rib from my solar plexus, and re-breaking one of my ribs,” he told CalCoastNews. “This assault was completely unprovoked. The driver threatened to kick me as I tried to calm the situation down.”

The footage does appear to show that Paulsen’s hand is balled up in a fist, but he claims he was pointing back with his thumb to indicate he had seen what the driver had done.

Paulsen told KSBY News that he thought Patch was dead. “Honestly, I thought he’d killed the dog. When I saw him spin around like that, I thought, ‘Oh man, that’s it,’” he said. Paulsen said the driver told him that he had been attacked by dogs before. “He was telling me how much he hates dogs and that he would kick me too,” he said.

UPS watched the video and said they have taken disciplinary action and have apologized to Paulsen. CalCoastNews reports that the driver told officers he felt threatened by both the dog and Paulsen. Although Paulsen said that he doesn’t want the driver fired, he would like UPS to do more and suggests they should “re-evaluate” the driver. Reportedly, police stated that battery charges have been filed against the driver, and that the case will be sent to the District Attorney in the near future.

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