Two Sets Of Twins Reunited By Chance 26 Years After Being Switched At Birth

Two sets of identical twins have been reunited with each other after they were separated and switched at birth 26 years ago.

The four young men spent their whole lives apart until a chance encounter brought them all together. Jorge and William are identical twins, as are Carlos and Wilber. Born in the same hospital in Colombia at around the same time, a mix-up at the hospital separated the identical twins from each other.

The two families lived far from one another, one family in the rural countryside and the other in the city. Jorge works at an engineering firm, and when one of his coworkers told him that she had seen someone who looked exactly like him at a butcher shop, he was surprised. The coworker showed him a picture of William on Facebook. Jorge got another surprise while he was going through William’s pictures. He saw a man who looked exactly like his brother, Carlos. It turns out Wilber, is in fact, Carlos’ twin.

This set into motion a chain of events that would lead the four brothers to meet in July. Since then, they have all moved into the same home together in Bogotá.

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